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The B.Lux Group, which comprises the companies B.Lux and Vanlux, is a standard-bearer in the creation and production of contemporary designer lighting. The roots of the company can be traced back to 1980, when the cooperative Herriola S. Coop. was set up in the town of Markina (Bizkaia, Spain). The company took its first steps towards the world of design at the start of the 80 s with the Belux System, designed by Guillermo Capdevilla (+). Not long after, in 1984, the company joined the SIDI (International Design Selection of Fittings for the Habitat), of which it continues to be a member. (www.sidi.es). Following collaboration with designer Jorge Pensi, in 1987 the Regina and Olympia lighting collections were created. Extremely innovative, these were the first polished aluminium lights on the market. Their creation represented a turning point for the company, allowing international expansion with a particular focus on Europe. From that moment onwards, the image of the B.Lux Group has been undeniably linked to a specific kind of product. B.Lux and Vanlux were created in 1989 and, throughout its existence, the B.Lux Group has consolidated its position as one of the most prestigious lighting companies on the market, with a particular accent on the unique nature of its products. This has been possible thanks to the personal touch of renowned designers, who have turned B.Lux and Vanlux lights into unique designer objects. This external collaboration, which is common practice nowadays, was not so normal in the 80 s when the B.Lux Group first showed its commitment to this richly innovative system. The Group has recently arrived at another turning point, with the launch of two new product lines onto the market. These lines comprise exterior lighting (urban) and technical lighting (tech), which join the ranks of the existing decorative lighting line (deco). The B.Lux Group sells a total of 200 products, with a versatility that allows their application in both home and contract installations. Their enormous creative value and impeccable manufacturing quality have won the most prestigious awards, including the Red Dot Design Award, International Design Award (IDA), Best of the Year 2007 (Interior Design Magazine), AEPD Award, Delta Selection (ADI-FAD), and many others. Continually innovating in our very own production plant is one of the driving forces behind the B.Lux Group s aim of becoming a leader in the 21st- century lighting industry. Throughout our work we never neglect our inherent concern and respect for culture, humanity, ecology and sustainability. 03

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