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design 2.3 cm 4.1 cm White Extruded aluminium body; glass cover. Luminaire conceived to be introduced into architectural contexts that conceal the unit itself, only allowing the light effect to shine through. It uses fluorescent RGB light sources, which enable a limit- less variation of white light with different intensities and a variety of colour tempera- tures, from the hottest (2.500 K) to the colder (20.000 K). The light performance is controlled by an electronic board and an infrared ray remote control. The kit is available in the stand alone or synchronised versions, in which up to 9 supplementary items, controllable from the same board,can be added to the basic lamp unit. For more supplementary items the use of a signal amplifier is required. Corps en aluminium extrude; couverture en verre. Appareil conc

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